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Open enrollment for the BLET’s Short-Term Disability Enhanced-Plan

Dear Member,

 The open enrollment for the BLET’s Short-Term Disability Enhanced-Plan through Sun Life is now through February 28, 2019 with coverage taking effect on March 1, 2019.  This option gives participants an additional $102 weekly benefit on top of the $300 Base-Plan benefit. 

 Enhanced-Plan Coverage Highlights:

The Short-Term Disability Enhanced-Plan pays $402 per week ($1,742 per month).Starts paying on day 22 from the date of disability and pays for up to 52 weeks24-hour on and off-the-job coverage.Monthly premium is $20.00.  Premiums are paid through an automatic monthly direct debit from your checking or savings account on the 15th of each month.If your disability results in a FELA related settlement/judgement, you will not have to pay back any benefits received under this plan.

You can enroll online by visiting https://uniondisability.com/groups/blet-short-term-disability-sun-life/ or by phone at 224.848.4941.

If you are currently enrolled in the BLET’s Short-Term Disability Enhanced-Plan (previously “Part B On-The-Job Coverage”), no action is required to continue coverage. 

Please note, eligibility for the Enhanced-Plan remains dependent on your eligibility for the Base-Plan.  To be eligible for the Base-Plan, you must have seven starts, including one start as an engineer, in the prior month.  If you do not meet these minimum eligibility requirements, you have the option to pay the Base-Plan premium of $40 in addition to the $20 Enhanced-Plan premium, to prevent a loss of both coverages.  

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Scholarship Opportunities !!!!



2019 BLET Scholarship Directory


INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, January 21 - Each year, the BLET National Division compiles a list of scholarship opportunities available to the children of BLET members. Numerous financial aid opportunities are published here in the 2019 BLET Scholarship Directory.

The scholarship opportunities vary widely. The following comprehensive list provides members and their families with contact information for each scholarship program. The BLET National Division does not maintain its own scholarship program, nore does it oversee or otherwise play any role in the administration of any of the programs included in this Directory. Interested parties are advised to contact the individual scholarship providers listed below for additional information.

Those aware of additional scholarship opportunities not included in this Directory are urged to contact the BLET Public Relations Department at: Bentley@ble-t.org

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