Hours Of Service

Brothers and Sisters,

Since the RSIA of 2008 looks to be shaping up to be a long dispute, I have asked Brother Whitman to make a separate area on the website that will serve as a repository for documents, comments, and pay claims relating to the changing nature of this issue. We are receiving a lot of documents from all the parties involved including BLET, FRA, UP and now, court documents. I will do my best to keep posting all related info into this area of the website. No one is positive when or how this issue will be resolved, but hopefully we will all be as empowered as possible by having the information we need at hand.

In Solidarity,

Vince Verna

Local Chairman

Rail Safty Improvement Act

NCCC Lawsuit

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BLET News, Hours of Service rule change pits railroads against unions

FRA HOS Interpretation

Impact of Rail Safety Improvement Act (RSIA) 2008

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Letter from Ed Rodzwicz National President

Claim Templates ( Train Service and Engine Service, Engine Service templates are draft but usable til replaced by GC)